GOOD TO KNOW… APRIL 3rd is Don’t Go to Work Day Unless It’s Fun… If only everyday could be that day…

Originally posted on She Can't Be Serious:

April 3rd marks “Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun” day.

I promise I didn’t make that up.  But while I can find nothing on how this holiday originated, let’s just say that since it’s on many of the national holiday calendars across the web, it’s official in my book.

As I see it, this holiday leaves us with two options.  Option #1 is to have fun at work.

Now be warned that I’m not recommending you to follow all my suggestions.  Throwing such caution to the wind could result in a reprimand, alienation of co-workers, a tarnished professional image, and worse yet, getting fired. 

You know I’ve got a disclaimer for everything.

But here are some things you can do to celebrate this day…if you just don’t care about all that.  Maybe you’ve won your fair share of a half-billion dollars in the lottery or something recently.  Yeah, I’m talking to those…

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