Dippin’ Dots shall be Dipped no more

I remember during Junior High that THE place to be was the mall.  I have very little recollection on anything we did there, but I have vague memories of looking at the overpriced graphic tees at Hot Topic (the ones bordering between trendy, alternative and horrendously infantile), admiring Hot Dog on a Stick workers AND eating Dippin’ Dots.

These things...

That’s why I was so sad to hear that Dippin’ Dots has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Granted I haven’t had those freezing drops of ice cream for over 6 or 7 years (they are made by using liquid nitrogen), but I did enjoy them when I did have them (I always liked mixing Chocolate with Banana Dots).  They are currently about $11 million in debt, and have been continuing to operate while they went through bankruptcy proceedings.  Despite their difficulties, they have managed to grow over 6.6% over the last year (yet still at a loss)

With a motto like “The ice cream of the future” they were pretty much setting themselves up for failure.

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